No 480: the Fabulous News!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sometimes, what starts as disappointing news turns out even better than you hoped! Mr Wonderful and I were looking forward to a Spanish song competition being held in Texas this summer, but on Wednesday, we learned that the program had been canceled due to insufficient enrollment.

But in the face of Wednesday's disappointment came Thursday's emails-and what terrific emails! The director of the program in Texas had sent along our recordings to the director of the larger program, based in Granada, Spain. She was so excited about our work that she offered us both very generous scholarships to join her for a week in Moorish paradise
(The first photo is of the Alhambra)!

We're disappointed not to be spending the week with Mr Wonderful's wonderful parents in Texas, but this will be his first trip abroad! I couldn't be more excited to show him what real jet lag feels like, and he's already begging to extend the trip so we can visit Tangier, Morocco.

The fabulous photos below are images from Granada's
Hospes Palacio de los Patos. All we can do is grin!


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