No 481: the Cheese

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I confess, before I met Mr Wonderful, cheese was not something I enjoyed. Sure, the occasional slice of American in a grilled cheese, but moldy, stinky cheese? Absolutely not.

Maybe it was because growing up, my father liked to order the most foul-smelling or foul-looking cheeses on the cart. Or maybe it's just something about falling in love. But almost as soon as Mr Wonderful had equal pull in what went in the fridge, I found us in the cheese sections of Whole Foods.

This gorgeous (and surely delicious) spread was created by Sunday Suppers for Martha Stewart Weddings' The Bride's Guide. Styled and photographed by the incredible Karen Mordechai, this lovely spread is not only beautiful, but relatively easy to recreate (with the help of your local cheese counter). I think cheese is a creative and savory alternative to a more traditional dessert buffet.


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