No 27: the Music

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The following is a post from {ritzy bee blog} about choosing music for your wedding ceremony.

"When choosing music for your ceremony processional, it's important to ask your house of worship if there are any limits on what you can and can't have played. Some churches and synagogues will only allow specific religious songs played.

If you are not limited in your music choices, talk to the musicians you hired about your options.

You can choose a theme so that all the songs are related to another - love songs, the same artist, show tunes (that's what we did and it turns out my parents also chose show tunes). And remember to select songs that have a special meaning to you or the people that are walking down to them. At my sister’s wedding I walked down to the theme from Gone With the Wind because I’m a huge GWTW fan.

There are tons of wedding web sites that have ceremony processional song ideas, but you can really use anything you like.

So think outside the music box and be creative with your processional choices. And definitely choose a fun song for your recessional too!"

Let me add a few things from a musician's perspective.

First, there are few things less creative than Pachelbel's Canon. If you love it and you've always dreamed of having it played at your wedding, I applaud your vision, but will judge your lack of imagination. To each his own.

Second, "The Wedding March" (aka "Here comes the Bride") is from Wagner's Lohengrin, a German romantic opera. Your church or synagogue may not allow you to have this music played during your ceremony because of its secular nature. I cannot tell you how many wedding posts I've seen on theKnot where women kvetch about not being able to use this music, and their confusion as to why.

Third, consider your musical choices an opportunity to convey a message about who you are. You have the entire canon of Eastern and Western music at your disposal, for Heaven's sake! Pick something that matters to you, has significance to you and your fiancee, that makes you feel something! Don't pick music because it seems "appropriate". It's your damn day, so don't worry that your great-aunt Margaret might not approve of a popular song during your processional.

If you and your sweetheart love a movie, use the theme. Do you have a song? Strut down the aisle to it! And don't feel obligated to have different music for each "moment"-the processional, the first dance, etc. I want to use one song and the poem that inspired it all over my wedding.

Music is such an incredible gift and communicator-don't let the opportunity to express yourselves as a couple pass by, especially on the first day of your married life. I beg you.


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