No 28: the Favors

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've always wondered how it become traditional to give Jordan almonds as a wedding favor, and of course, Martha had the answer.

"Sugar-coated almonds have been offered as wedding favors around the world for centuries. At Italian weddings long ago, guests often tried to remove ribbons from the bride's ensemble for luck. To deter them, families gave out quintets of dragees tied up in tulle as favors, signifying the five qualities of marriage: health, wealth, long life, happiness, and fertility."
This idea, from Martha Stewart, is just precious. Find the bird's nests at beau coup, and then fill them with Jordan almonds (perhaps these were multiples of 5?). These robin's eggs are adorable, but I also love the almonds coated in chocolate. Mmm, chocolate.


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