No 26: the Drink

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I know that food usually comes before drink, but I love this photo so much more than any picture of a beef entree with two vegetables. But don't worry, at some point I will certainly discuss our menu. It's been planned for many months now.

I adore coupe glasses, and think that with the exception of wine, all liquids should be served in them. Hand out glasses of champagne in the perfect vessel and I think everyone starts feeling like Marie Antoinette (the rumor that these glasses were created from molds of her décolletage? False).

John and I have decided that we'll likely forgo a full bar loaded with liquor, since our families are more apt to drink beer or wine anyway. And besides, I loathe to think that there could be a shot of all my closest girlfriends, beautifully dressed and swilling apple martinis. So we'll serve (probably) two reds, two whites, champagne and any fixings for champagne cocktails, since they're the ones I prefer to drink.

Image c/o Martha Stewart Weddings


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