Monday, April 8, 2013

Friday was a particularly demanding day, so when I finally put away the last file and packed my bag, I thought I might cry tears of joy–or pure exhaustion! Luckily John knew just what to do, and while I sipped an enormous glass of rosé, he made up a two heaping bowls of pesto. After dinner we crawled into bed with Zero Dark Thirty, followed by episodes of Modern Family and New Girl so we could get to sleep without nightmares!

I teased John for banging around so loudly in the kitchen on Saturday morning, but of course he was only making me breakfast–poached eggs on avocado toasts with a strong cup of tea. We managed to get a little work done on Saturday, but mostly we curled up and enjoyed each other's company, and even indulged in an afternoon nap! Eventually though, we headed downtown so John could attend a class–I kept myself busy with a pal and a glass of bubbly! I bid him adieu and John and I headed across the bridge to IKEA, where we picked up the secretary desk we'd been searching for (more to come on that later). Starving, we grabbed street tacos and a stiff drink at La Penca Azul in downtown Alameda before heading home.

We woke up together on Sunday morning and decided to cook breakfast together–while the potatoes roasted, I scrambled eggs and John prepared a simple salad. After our feast, he pulled out the inscrutable IKEA instructions and I settled in with my laptop to blog. All was well for the first two or three hours, but sometime into the afternoon he started to make anguished noises–one of the pieces was ever so slightly but significantly off. After some debate, we loaded up the car and headed back across the bridge to exchange it–and a few hours after that, we were back in the car, miserable, without the solution. Luckily a glass of wine and a plate of pasta cured most of our troubles, but we'll have to make an excursion to a different store to try and find parts made by a different supplier–wish us luck! 

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Tackle a big project, or kick back and enjoy a little sunshine maybe?

Image by A Bryan Photo, rose, lisianthus and muscari bouquet by Gathering Floral + Event Design


  1. Ahhh IKEA - why do you make it so hard to assemble your furniture!!?

  2. Ikea. Oh Ikea... but you survived and I am sure you are the better for it. As I said, I laughed, I cried, I am glad I came out the other end still married. :) This weekend we had indian Friday and I thought of you. xoxo

  3. thank god for our men who are good with instructions! and ikea.

  4. Well i never tried to assemble anything from Ikea... André is a pro... so i just watch ;)

  5. going to IKea is like an evening with a live Christmas tree. The relationship has potential is you can get through it without a meltdown. good going and good luck!

  6. Hi lovely Lena!
    did you receive my email?

  7. I love that you guys eat so healthily on the weekends. For the most part, I try to, but sometimes my tastebuds tell me to go wild on the weekends and I just can't help myself!

  8. I happen to love putting those together. I miss Ikea so much. I might have to go one day and get myself a puzzle, meaning bookshelf. Happy week, lovely!

  9. Ugh those darn ikea assemblies are the worst! Hope it all works out!! The rest of your weekend sounds like it was amazing, as always. :)



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