Monday, January 21, 2013

 Our offices are closed today and while I might not be draping myself over furniture wearing dreamy lingerie, I'll probably be hanging out in my pjs until at least noon. I'm not ready to face that the weekend is technically over, so instead of filling you in the last few days of over-eating and napping, here are some lovely things I've been enjoying!

A gorgeous waterfront Latvian wedding photographed by Bret Cole and featured on Ruffled.

And a non-wedding goodie from NPR: Who Needs Drugs When You've Got Music?

Image by Bret Cole


  1. Keep on enjoying the weekend lovely! These links are making me smile and I LOVE that photo. xoxo

  2. Oh enjoy the rest of your long weekend...and that photo is simply stunning.1

  3. Long weekends are the BEST! Enjoy~

  4. oooh sexy photo, I like! I'm currently on my couch still in pj's (it is 1:45 PM here). Holiday Mondays are the bestest of the best!

  5. I am JEALOUS of your long weekend, I need one of those!

  6. who knew grey could work so well for a wedding? and that barn!

  7. these wedding photos are gorgeous! i love the light in them

    love from San Francisco,



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