Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Tuesday, all–I hope if you had yesterday off that you enjoyed yourself, and if you didn't, that this week is off to a stellar start! My weekend was full of coffee double dates with dear friends, tacos piled high with all my favorite fixings, Champagne, Indian food (twice!), History Channel's Ultimate Guide to the Presidents, Cointreau cocktails and a surprise visit from my baby brother, who celebrated his birthday yesterday!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend–but tell me, how was yours? Start a great new book, make progress on one of your resolutions, or cozy up with your favorite someone?

Image by Esther Sun Photography.

P.S. Don't you love that crease in the toe? I think that lovely imperfection is what makes this photo so gorgeous.


  1. During the weekend, he weather was so bad around these parts, that we stayed in all day... and it was perfect!!!

  2. Once again, your weekend sounds just about perfect!
    A little busy around here for most of the weekend but I did get a chance to try an 'Aviation' after a long (and fruitless!)search for 'creme de violette', I stumbled upon what is now one of my go-to cocktails while I was out on Saturday night. It was kismet!

  3. Your weekend sounds like it was perfection! Hope your week is off to a good start. xo

  4. I adore long weekends- 3 days of fun with my husband! Have a great week~

  5. I love that crease too. The photo is gorgeous. Even with getting sick yesterday my weekend was fab. Loved it. xo

  6. I like the cozy up suggestion!

    PS - we tried another of your cocktail recipes over the weekend. It had grapefruit and rum. So yum!

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Our was SO busy with inaugural events... but so so good. :)

  8. it's Australia day this weekend, so it's a lovely long one filled with bbq's, friends, good wine & watching the cricket (for some - not me, ha!)

    Clare x



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