No 568: the Case of the Missing Bicycle

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I hate to use such a lovely image for such a crappy post, but so be it. Tonight, after a wonderful run (I accompanied John on my cruiser bicycle), we returned to the garage to realize that his very, very expensive racing cycle had been removed from the garage. Stolen just sounds so awful. He's downstairs now chatting with police, but I'm hoping the generous Craigslister who recovered a stolen Trek cycle might just have John's bike! Fingers crossed...

Photo c/o Oh So Beautiful Paper, via Somethings Hiding in Here.

Update: The kind Craigslister has John's bike! Thank you for your well wishes!


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry! How scary to think that someone went into your garage and stole it. I'm so sorry! I hope they catch them and your hubby gets his bike back.

  2. That is so awful, I'm so sorry!! I hope you are able to get it back, fingers crossed.

  3. We think someone probably left the garage door open, and a vagrant popped in to do a little bicycle shopping. John's was closest to the door and at under 3 lbs, nice and light. Makes for easy thieving.



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