No 567: the Crown Princess of Sweden

Monday, June 21, 2010

Over the weekend, European royals had quite an event to attend; Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden was married to Daniel Westling in Stockholm Cathedral on Saturday. The four day wedding finally culminated in the union of the future Queen of Sweden and her former trainer. He owns the chain of gyms, but Swedes weren't always so sweet on the marriage. Over 1,000 guests were present, and four officiants presided over the ceremony. The bride wore an ivory silk, short-sleeved, off-the-shoulder gown, designed by Par Engsheden, and the same cameo-covered diadem her mother wore at her own wedding, exactly 34 earlier.

After the ceremony, a carriage ride through Stockholm introduced the newlyweds. Husband and wife then boarded a royal barge to carry them to the wedding banquet; Victoria's parents rode in the same barge after their wedding. Pink and white flowers dominated the banquet decor, while more conservative white blooms were used in the ceremony decorations.

Images c/o Getty Images and EPA.


  1. oh I do love a royal wedding, beautiful!! Love her gown, so simple and yet so stunning.



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