No 512: the Coconut Cake

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am a coconut fiend, so when I spotted this dreamy cake on Martha Stewart Weddings, I almost toppled over from happiness. This seven-tier cake, frosted with buttercream and coconut flakes is stunning, but a six-layer coconut concoction might be a little easier to pull off on a Tuesday afternoon.


  1. Love coconut...Almond Joys are like a little heaven. I'm trying to get somebody to make me a Lane Cake. Apparently it's southern and full of coconut :)

  2. Another coconut lover here. I had a recipe for coconut cupcakes from Martha Stewart that were fantastic! I should dig it up again and indulge.

  3. What is it about coconut? I love coconut in cocktails, too!



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