No 502: Megan and Chris

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tonight, I thought I would feature yet another Southern wedding, this one in Louisville, Kentucky. The reception was held at the Henry Clay, a neo-classic revival style building built in 1924 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, that underwent renovations beginning in 2003. The absolutely gorgeous Grand Ballroom was their site of their classic reception, and while I'm not usually one for ballrooms weddings, the elegance of this event won me over.

The bride wore a Priscilla of Boston gown paired with sweet slingbacks by James Ciccotti (the Giselle style, if you're curious like I was). Pearl drops were a singular compliment to her bowed gown and shoes, and I adored the gardenias nestled in her hair. The lovely flowers were designed by Nance Floral Shoppe; could you have guessed they're an online retailer? Finally, the charming, bow-tied cake-created by Mert's Cakes, inspired by Cynthia Piethman's tuxedo-ed cake featured in Martha Stewart Weddings. And the whole elegant affair was captured by Bella Grace Studios, an unbelievably chic wedding photographer.


  1. What a gorgeous bride and beautiful wedding! That gown is to die for!!

  2. i like the old style of the photography. sometimes all the funky filters/ photoshopped colors get a little old.

  3. I loved the photography, too! It seemed like the perfect compliment to the wedding's aesthetic.

  4. She is SO, so beautiful. I sure do love the South, although I've only recently come to realize that. I often felt a bit out of place growing up in southern Louisiana and Alabama, but there is so much culture and history! Anyway, gorrrrgeous couple, gorgeous photos!

  5. Growing up in NJ, I thought my college in Baltimore was S.O.U.T.H.

    Hell, we were below the Mason-Dixon, and Baltimore was the last major city in the US to be integrated. And then I started dating a Texas boy...

    But I've come to love the South. I feel a certain nostalgia for it that's utterly inappropriate.



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