No 503: Picnic Basket

Monday, May 3, 2010

With spring in full bloom in San Francisco, I've been enjoying eating more and more of my meals al fresco. This adorable picnic basket for your bicycle from the heavenly Kate Spade will be the perfect thing to add to my vintage cruiser.

How sweet would a picnic wedding be? Pack Vietnamese grilled chicken sandwiches, crunchy, simple salads and French lemonades, and invite your guests to enjoy the great outdoors!


  1. I've actually been on the look out for a picnic basket lately, because EVERYONE here uses them to do their grocery shopping! its so adorable, especially in the spring, when you might need some fresh cut flowers from the street market to put in your window :)

  2. So adorable!! And I think a picnic wedding would be absolutely charming. Sometimes the simpler the celebration is the lovelier it is too!

  3. Oh, fresh flowers in your picnic basket in Germany. Audrey, your life sounds dreamy.

    I want, more than anything, to have a picnic right this moment!

  4. This really is perfect, and I can only imagine how much better it would look in your vintage cruiser!



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