(Paperless) Post

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I adore books, I pour over handwritten letters in archives, and I send my own notes to friends, on personalized stationery no less. But I'm also aware of the huge environmental impact of producing and sending paper, and a lover of good design no matter where it might be found. And that's where Paperless Post shines.

After a friend of mine sent her save the dates through Paperless Post's online service and matching printed wedding invitations through their collaboration with Paper Source, my longtime resistance to digital invites suddenly melted away. Every piece, whether online or in person, looked (and felt) beautiful, and perfectly coordinated. And the event management features, including digital RSVPs and messages, plus matching wedding websites, made some of the toughest, most nitty gritty stuff of wedding planning a snap. There's no wondering if your invitation got lost in the mail, or if their reply card was short a stamp; you can skip the post office and easily track your Paperless Post invites online. Plus, with cards from some of my favorite designers including Rifle Paper, Mr. Boddington's Studio, Oscar de la Renta, Crane & Co., and John Derian, there's a style for every couple. 

I've long loved Paperless Post for birthday cards, holiday party invites, and smaller celebrations, but I'm totally sold on their wedding offerings, too. With so many beautiful designs, the hardest part might be picking a favorite.


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