A New Place

Monday, November 2, 2015

 Well, not surprisingly, I have not been the most diligent blogger in recent weeks (months). Chalk it up to adjusting to a new city, a new state, and an entirely different day-to-day. Also trying to read hundreds of pages every week. But in many ways, I feel like we're finding our stride. We can drive to the grocery store without directions, and nod knowingly when someone mentions a major thoroughfare. We have established our routines, and I am not completely paralyzed by fear every time I begin an assignment or write an email. I can find a University building–with the help of a map!

But we're adjusting to this place in fits and spurts, and I'll admit that John's far better at this than I. I miss our old apartment, and its gorgeous light. I miss knowing where to find the best croissants (Tartine, bien sûr!) even if I rarely dragged myself across town to get them. I miss the chais and the juices and the salads and the produce. Oh, the produce! And I miss my teams–our closest friends, my professional pals, and a city full of reasonably like-minded people who share the knowledge of a place. I wouldn't say we've quite found that yet. But I'm certain that, in time, we will. And in the meantime, I feel really lucky to have John as my partner in every sense of the word.

But tell me, how are you? How has fall been treating you?


  1. It's never easy to navigate the lay of a new land, 'settling in' takes time but how lucky you are to have someone walking the same path with you! Makes a world of difference!
    Hope you are enjoying fall in your new digs! xo

  2. hang in there lady!! you'll find all kinds of wonderful new things -- and you can always visit SF! i have a TON of things plans for our thanksgiving trip to chicago (most of them revolve around food!) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Thank you guys for your sweet comments–slowly but surely, we're getting there! xo



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