Monday, July 13, 2015

After a wonderful and boozy evening with my closest co-workers on Thursday evening, Friday morning was the last thing I wanted to see. John managed to make my wake up a whole lot more fun with an early AM juice date in Hayes Valley, and later dropped by the office for a little picnic lunch, too! But by 4pm, after setting up a team-wide meeting and corralling 70 people to their seats, all I wanted was some quiet time. I headed home and squeezed in a quick workout before dinner–it was the perfect thing to work up my appetite and wash away the week! We hadn't been to Masala in weeks, so it was fun to grab a table and dig into our gorgeous curries while we caught up with our Friday night dates. My little brother stopped by just as we were signing the bill, and we strolled down the street for custard at Easy Breezy (my favorite summer treat) before Char drove us home. We tucked him into his cot before turning into bed ourselves, delighted to finally get some rest after a busy week.

John was up early on Saturday, and met the delivery man of our favorite bread company at the front door. He grabbed everything we needed for a decadent breakfast hash–Yukon golds, sweet potatoes, pearl onions and garlic–and topped our roasted veggies with a poached egg for the perfect morning. We sent Charlie on his way, then curled up with an episode of Iron Chef America and relaxed. John's pre-dawn excursion had taken its toll, so while he napped, I crossed music theory, French practice, ear training and some blogging off my list. John awoke ready to tackle his own projects, so we set up his & hers workstations in the living room, and before I knew it, he was headed out the door to catch up with a friend. I took advantage of the time alone to organize–my closet, the pile of wedding gifts still sitting in the corner of our kitchen, and my computer's hard drive–and when John returned, we whipped up a gorgeous summer salad chock full of roasted Silver Queen corn, carrots, red peppers, avocado and thin slices of Parmesan. Then we cozied up with Magic in the Moonlight for a quiet evening in.

We weren't up quite as early the next morning, but John still managed to be the first person in line at our favorite little coffee shop, Hollow. He bought out their chicken-apple sausage empanadas and brought them, along with a perfect chai, home to me, where I was still lounging in bed! After breakfast, we jumped right into work, his computer keyboard clacking and my ear training app torturing me. We made steady progress on our to do lists before pausing for a little mid-afternoon exercise (and a viewing of a charming documentary of the origins of General Tso's chicken). With hair still wet, we headed out to wish a friend well as she heads across the pond to summer festivals and music school, and after some delicious tacos, made it back home with time to read before bed. 

All in all, a wonderful weekend–but tell me about yours! Did you spend some time by the pool, tackle a big project or taste-test popsicles, perhaps? 

Image by Robyn Michelle Lee Photography.



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