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Monday, July 27, 2015

A weekend without my husband is a strange thing indeed, but I took advantage of the time alone to get things done and enjoy the pleasure of my own company a bit. It wasn't terribly glamorous, but it did feel good.

A friend and colleague was celebrating his birthday on Friday, so my usual companions and I put off our Indian feast and I joined my coworkers at Hopwater Distribution for a low-key celebration and a little pâté. I tumbled home early but exhausted (trans-continental phone calls are hard on my sleep schedule) and curled up with my theory textbooks before bed.

I let myself sleep in a bit on Saturday morning, but the siren song of breakfast tacos was simply too strong. Spicy homemade salsa and a cup of strong tea were the perfect accompaniments, and after cleaning up the kitchen, I dashed across town to pick up our car, which was getting its annual tune-up. On the way home, I dropped by my favorite grocery store to pick up supplies for the rest of the weekend–avocados, sweet corn, basil and early girl tomatoes. Then I cozied up with my to do list for a productive afternoon. A green salad and a little exercise kept me feeling good, and after a shower, a stroll and some reading, I cooked up a little pasta pomodoro. It and a Campari-soda made me feel like I was in the South of Italy, even though the weather was gray and cold. Then I cozied up with my latest read (and an episode of Mad Men) before falling asleep.

Early to bed means early to rise, and I was delighted to be up before anyone else in the neighborhood (or so it seemed). I made my favorite weekend breakfast–poached eggs over avocado toasted with roasted fingerlings and a cup of English Breakfast tea. After my morning devotionals–French lessons, music theory and ear training–I treated myself to a chai at my favorite coffee shop and settled into a cozy back table to read. I caught up with mom while running a few errands, then headed home to check off a few more to dos, including a long sweat session. A big green salad stuffed full of summer veggies and a teeny glass of Sauvignon Blanc made for a lovely evening, and I crawled into bed early to watch Astronaut Wives Club (I adore the 1960s!). And as for Indian food? I'll have it on Tuesday, when John gets back–I can't wait!

Tell me, what do you do when you've got the weekend all to yourself? Reconnect with girlfriends over lunch, pamper yourself and watch trashy TV, or tackle projects you don't usually have time for? I'm all ears! 

Image by Erin Hearts Court, blush garden rose and hypericum berry bouquet by Max Gill Design.


  1. i need to check out the astronaut wives club! i've heard great things about that show...and maybe it'll fill the mad men void. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

    1. It's much more cheerful, and nice to see the same period from multiple perspectives! Plus, I just can't get enough full-skirted dresses and pearls!



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