Monday, November 3, 2014

John was in Tulsa on Friday and Saturday, leaving me free to do what I pleased–which, as it turns out, is write, visit the library, write, hang out with my for-the-weekend Frenchie, and write. Not terribly glamorous stuff, but boy did it feel great after so many punishingly busy weeks at the office. 

He returned to me and San Francisco early on Sunday morning, and we couldn't head home before dropping by our favorite coffee shop for Americanos and empanadas. After curling up with an episode of The West Wing, I launched into wedding mode–John felt paper samples, signed off on a Save the Date design and envelope color, and planned work on our DIY wedding favors! All that execution (plus the 4am wake up call) left him exhausted, so John climbed under the covers for a nap while I went back to my desk to write. We had a quiet afternoon of work and prep for Monday's big brewing project, and with John still recovering from a whirlwind trip, decided to tuck into an early supper of saffron risotto with roasted butternut squash–and a little bit of rosé. After cleaning up and putting away, we crawled into bed excited for the week to come!

This week I'm headed to Milwaukee, where I will quickly reacquaint myself with my winter coat (and scarves, and boots, and gloves). I'm dreading the weather, but so looking forward to the trip. In the mean time things will be quiet around here, but I'll be back next Monday with lots of loveliness in shades of green!

Image by A Bryan Photo, bouquet by Blossom Events.


  1. i love low-key weekends! have fun in milwaukee -- that's where i went to college. it's a fun place but yes! bring a coat! :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Oooh empanadas! Sweet or savory?

  3. Yay for Milwaukee! You must stop at Colectivo for a coffee and pastry, they are the BEST! Well, except for my mother in law's coffee but it might be weird if you stopped by her house.

  4. Have so much fun in Milwaukee! I bet you look adorable in cold weather clothes.

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Ours was pretty low key as well and I loved it! Have a great time out of town.

  6. Mmmmmm empanadas....

    Hope the wedding plans are coming along nicely!!

    Clare x

  7. Sounds like wedding preparations are coming along nicely.



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