Monday, November 17, 2014

I skipped out of the office at a reasonable hour on Friday and headed straight home–after so many weeks of travel and commitments, it would be our first Indian food Friday in weeks! We met one of our compatriots at the restaurant (her beau was busy singing in New Orleans Opera's premiere of Rusalka) and caught up over curries and ciders. She had fabulous ideas about our upcoming celebration that I can't wait to incorporate, and when we said goodnight that evening, I felt like the madness of the last few weeks had finally dissipated. 

John had a Saturday brunch shift, so we got up early to make our favorite breakfast–poached eggs over avocado toast. I dropped him off at The Corner Store and bee-lined back to my desk for a day full of reading and writing. A cup of tea kept me company, and I was at the library grabbing more goodies when John called to say he was finished! We made a quick stop at Andronico's for jalapeños and hummus, and got to work on dinner before dusk. Spicy Moroccan sweet potato stew is just too good to wait for! We popped open a bottle of blanc de noirs to enjoy with dinner, and after our meal headed into the living room to collaborate on my latest musical project! We headed to bed early, feeling exhausted and excited for the next day.

On Sunday, John was up before sunrise for his long run, while I stayed curled up under the covers for a little while longer. We were dressed and sipping coffee a bit earlier than usual though, because we had an early appointment at The Wedding Party in Berkeley to pick up...my wedding dress! I slipped it on in the shop and couldn't stop grinning; after a scary few weeks wondering if I'd love it now as I did then, I was reassured that I'd picked the perfect frock. After our appointment (the ladies there were nice enough to squeeze me in before the shop officially opened!), we headed to nearby Albany for breakfast at Sam's Log Cabin, which one of my dearest friends had been raving about for years. The wait was quickly forgotten when John's trout and poached eggs and a stack of cornmeal and blackberry-coconut pancakes arrived! Full, we headed home to curl up with an episode of The Mind of a Chef (John is hooked!) before I got to work and my guy took a much-needed nap. We had a quiet afternoon of practice and editing, and I made yet another trip in the library. I came home to John scrubbing every surface of our apartment with Messiaen blasting, and after we geeked out over some scores, strolled down to the beach for Thai food–making dinner was simply too much responsibility! Without cell phones there was nothing reminding us that we were lingering over dinner and sticky rice, and we headed back home to wrap up some work before calling it a night.

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Planning your Thanksgiving menu or making travel plans, perhaps, or indulging in a mug of hot apple cider?

Image from Wedding Style Guide.


  1. How excited to have picked up your dress! I can;t wait to see it {wink!}

  2. im so happy that your dress was still perfect!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. So glad your wedding dress is just as fabulous as you remembered :-) And The Mind of a Chef is such an awesome series - we're still making our way through Season 2!

  4. What a wonderful weekend! Can't wait for a sneak peek at that dress!! ;) xx

  5. You always sound like you have the best time in the city! We're coming up to SF for a date night on Thursday - any dinner recommendations?

    And I totally agree with Christie - how exciting to have your dress ready to go!

  6. I always look forward to these posts. They are so wonderfully cozy and sweet.

  7. Your wedding dress!!!!! That is so exciting!!!!!!



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