Monday, June 16, 2014

Last week John and I suddenly felt stuck in our comfortable routine, so before Monday morning had even rolled around, I was making plans for a fabulous Sunday to shake up our weekend! Of course, we still had some traditions we'd never change–like Friday night at our favorite Indian place. Our best pal's gal was out of town last so it was just the three of us ordering too much food and toasting to the success of the past week. After prawn vindaloo, palak paneer, chicken tikka masala and lamb jalfrezi, we headed to Social, a brewery just across the street, for another round of drinks and then to the gelato shop for espresso and a sweet treat. We tumbled into bed with full bellies and big smiles.

The two of us were up early on Saturday, and while John picked up freshly baked bread and our favorite empanadas from Hollow, I cleaned house and my inbox. Since we were planning to spend Sunday adventuring, we buckled down and got plenty of work done–from editorial calendars and errands to practice and arrangements. We took a late afternoon break for a light supper of pesto with cherry tomatoes and then curled up with laptops and library books for a quiet evening in.

We woke up with the birds on Sunday morning, and after avocado toast topped with a poached egg, John and I jumped in the car and headed to wine country! We were more than 30 minutes early for our half past ten tour at Schramsberg, but they generously found room for us on the earlier stroll through their extensive caves. Tasting four Champagnes and a pinot noir before noon left John and I both a bit bleary, so we bee-lined to Gott's Roadside in St. Helena for cheeseburgers and iced teas. Though we had a full day of tours planned at Paraduxx and CakeBread, we decided to make our way home after lunch–but not before visiting The Hess Collection and their modern art museum. It felt like we'd spent whole weekend away even though we'd only been gone for a few hours, and we proudly placed our newest bottles in our wine rack as souvenirs. I read and wrote while John worked on an arrangement of "Here Comes the Bride", a piece I've never felt particular fondness for until hearing him play it! Thanks to our big lunch we weren't especially hungry, so we used up the last ripe avocado for two thick slices of avocado toast before heading to bed early.

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Did you enjoy a delicious summer meal off the grill, start a new book or take an adventure in your own backyard? I can't wait to hear all about it!

Image by Lisa Lefkowitz, bouquet by Cherries Flowers.


  1. Your Sunday sounds wonderful! Friday I went to the flower shop where I got to play with so many beautiful blooms freshly picked from the garden. I also reread Garden Spells, which is always enjoyable, and today I woke up to Ethan still home...apparently he has the day off!! Such a nice surprise!

  2. A sunday in wine country! How perfect! Glad to hear that you kept that avocado toast tradition :-)

  3. i need to try to make it to more museums on the weekends! sounds wonderful! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Your weekends are officially the best!

  5. Nice! It's always good to change it up a bit on the weekends. Keeps it fresh and fun :)

  6. You know all the best breweries and brunch places in the SF Bay Area - definitely stealing some of these for the next weekend the boy and I have off together!



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