Thursday, June 5, 2014

Is it Thursday already? This week is moving far too fast to keep up! Luckily I've got hand-drawn illustrations, glasses of rosé and these lovely links to keep me smiling!

This bride's bouquet has got to be one of the most spectacular I've ever seen; Lindsay Madden captured it (and the rest of the peach and navy details) beautifully on Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Urban celebrations aren't usually my speed, but this Alabama fête photographed by Jamie Clayton and featured on The Birmingham Bride is unexpectedly romantic.

This California celebration captured by Kayla Adams via Grey Likes Weddings is positively bursting with color!


  1. Beautiful invitation. Loving the pastel color trends. By the way, I received the book and already putting it to use! Love it!

  2. Gasp! That bouquet and that ENTIRE wedding is magnificent!!!

  3. Yes, I can hardly believe it's Thursday or June for that matter. This year is already going by way to quickly for my liking!! And these colours?! They're the yummiest!! xo

  4. love the NOLA wedding! i wish i was able to incorporate lilacs into our wedding! xo jillian - cornflake dreams



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