Monday, April 7, 2014

After running a few errands on a drizzly Friday afternoon, I made my way home to my guy. We curled up on the couch with an episode of The Layover before heading out for our traditional Friday night supper. AJ couldn't join us (he's rehearsing Dominick Argento's Postcards from Morocco) so John was flanked by women and beer–not a bad night! After curry and naan, we strolled down the street and grabbed macarons from La Boulange while we talked about family, wellness and the future. When we got home, John and I cozied up with Wag the Dog, but we were both so exhausted that neither of us made it very far!

We were both up early the next morning, and while John ran out to grab avocados and coffee, I roasted potatoes and sipped tea. We had a simple breakfast, then got to work–John at the guitar, me at my laptop. After a few hours of productivity, we headed downtown for some fun errands–pretty papers and notebooks from Flax, beer supplies from Brewcraft and my favorite BBQ pork buns for a late lunch. Stuffed with salty dim sum, we finished watching Wag the Dog before getting back to our projects. I sorted through images while John worked on a new piece, and it wasn't until nearly nine that night that we looked up and realized we were hungry! Spicy garlic pasta and two glasses of white wine made the perfect late-night Saturday supper. 

John woke me with some gentle banging in the kitchen (which I'm starting to think he does on purpose...) and presented me with a cup of tea before breakfast of soft scrambled eggs with herbs and goat gouda. While he warmed up, I did a little day dreaming, and when he headed off to a mid-morning lesson, I had the house to myself. After a bit of cleaning up, I settled in with Mary Helen Bowers for some ballet. Back at home, John and I made a careful list of next week's goals, then cooked up a Spanish tortilla for an early supper. We headed downtown to see a guitar recital at the SFJazz Center, and while standing on the terrace overlooking Hayes Valley, we agreed that all weekends should be just like this one. 

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? See some great live music, or enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant, perhaps?

Image by Heather Kincaid, white peony bouquet by Butterfly Floral & Event Design.


  1. mmm i need to get some BBQ soon! sounds like a great weekend! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Beautiful!!!

    And your weekend sounds lovely. Surprise breakfast, so romantic!

  3. When I'm next in SF, I'm going to invite myself over for a weekend with you and John. Haha. But seriously....

  4. Sounds so lovely! And scrambled eggs with herbs and goat gouda? Yum!! That's a good guy you have there. :)



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