Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays–I love the extravagant displays of chocolates, hearts and flowers, I adore sending sweet notes to family and friends, and I never miss an opportunity to lavish a little love on John. Planning something low-key but romantic was my aim for Friday night, so we infused our favorite routine with special details; menu cards, candles, and a bottle of bubbly made our evening (and our living room) feel positively dreamy. After dinner, we curled up with a box of Michael Recchiuti Champagne truffles and an episode of House of Cards and were fast asleep before 10. 

We were both up early the next morning, and decided to whip up buttermilk biscuits for breakfast. They were delicious with honey ham, Swiss cheese and a poached egg, and the perfect fuel for a productive morning of practice and spreadsheets (his & hers, respectively). As the afternoon approached, we decided to bite the bullet and buy a car–something we'd been discussing, and with the generous help of John's parents, finally did on Saturday! We were at the dealership for hours (no exaggeration), but driving home in that little car was so incredibly exciting that it made all the frustration worth it. We celebrated that night with fajitas and margaritas at a Tex-Mex restaurant in our neighborhood, and came home to a few more episodes of House of Cards to wrap up our Saturday. 

John was up early on Sunday morning doing laundry, but luckily I wasn't too far behind him–by the time he made it home with our whites, I'd checked quite a few things off my to-do list. John, inspired by one of our new favorite television shows, The Taste, made a banh mi-inspired biscuit with fried Spam, while I roasted a few fingerlings and soft-scrambled eggs with herbs. I tackled our taxes with a cup of tea while John serenaded me with early 20th century French compositions (arguably the best circumstances for doing ones taxes), and then I dove into some blogging while he continued to play. John headed to a concert in San Rafael that afternoon, so I enjoyed a long Ballet Beautiful class and a phone call with one of my best girlfriends. A head of roasted garlic was nearly ready by the time John got home, and he told me about the production over a supper of spicy garlic pasta. We crawled into bed with another episode or two of House of Cards before turning in early so we could have a productive Monday off. 

Tell me, what were you up this weekend? Did you get away for a bit of skiing or visit friends, or did you binge-watch House of Cards?


  1. Oh wow! That sounds like one heck of a fantastic weekend. How exciting about your new car! Congratulations! My VDay was low-key, spent with my family that I love and cherish most. Have a Happy Monday!!

  2. I love that you love Valentine's... I do too :) We have been cooped up all weekend thanks to me getting sick, but OMG House of Cards. Did NOT see that 1st episode coming! Have a great week, lady!

  3. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day, we ate our weight in food.!

  4. I love Valentine's Day as well - but more because it's the anniversary of our engagement. I don't care that it's all Hallmarked up and all that - it's still fab!

  5. Aww sounds like an amazing Valentines, and congratulations on the new car! So exciting!!

  6. I can't wait to watch House of Cards! It'll probably be a while since I'm deep in Dexter right now. But Kevin Spacey is brilliant. Congrats on the car purchase!



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