Monday, January 13, 2014

After a busy week, I was so glad to put away my computer and indulge in my favorite Friday night ritual–Indian food with the men in my life. We drank, we laughed, we ate–a pumpkin dosa, spicy curries and paneer cubes, plenty of naan–and then we headed back to our apartment, where we dreamed big and drank just a touch more before tumbling into bed.

John had the foresight to drink a chia seed elixir the night before, but went out in search of caffeine early Saturday morning while I blissfully slept in. He came home bearing empanadas from our favorite coffee shop and after breakfast, we curled back into bed for a lazy Saturday–the thick fog made it impossible to imagine doing anything else! Eventually I checked a few things off my to do list, including some Excel modeling and a late afternoon run for provisions, and when I got home, John and I took a long stroll through the neighborhood. We cooked up pizza–classic margarita for me, mushrooms, onions, arugula, and scallions for him–then settled in with a dish of ripe pear slices and a few episodes of The West Wing before an early bedtime.

Just at the sky started to lighten, John woke me up–we'd been talking about a new breakfast recipe we wanted to try, and he couldn't wait any longer to track down the elusive sausages my grocery run the night before hadn't managed to turn up. We headed to Falletti's for merguez, then immediately back home where we tried our hand at huevos rotos, which was definitely worth the hunt for special sausages. Then we cleaned house and got to work; John pulled out his scores while I found some inspiration, watched the first episode of Downton Abbey's fourth season, did a bit of afternoon accounting and even squeezed in a workout. We made a spicy sweet potato stew for supper, then threw on sweaters for an after-dinner walk to the beach–a restful end to a hectic week.

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Taking in the glamorous gowns and big winners at the Golden Globes, or watching your favorite teams play, perhaps?


  1. Sounds amazing! Watched the Chargers lose (le sigh), but the Niners win (hooray)! and I've recorded Downton Abbey from last night so am planning to watch tonight!

  2. Wow, that sounds perfectly relaxing! I may have to cook up some sweet potato stew tonight, it sounds so good!

  3. What a lovely weekend! The highlight of mine was a special date night to celebrate our upcoming third wedding anniversary~

    always, koru kate

  4. we had indian on saturday! it was DELICIOUS! sunday night i watched the golden globes and resolved to see more movies! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. So excited for the return of Downton Abbey!! I've definitely been watching, and we caught the Golden Globes as well. :) Sounds like a lovely weekend, lady! And that picture. is. amazing.

  6. Sounds just lovely! Ours was filled with cupcakes, a magazine collaboration and football! A nice mix!



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