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Monday, December 30, 2013

Well, I'm back! And before I jump into a recap of our Christmas holiday or another wonderful week of weddings, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading, for writing, for sharing in my love of weddings and for your friendships. I hope with all my heart that 2014 will be a banner year for each and every one of you. And now for our Texas tales!

John and I headed to Texas on Thursday, December 19th, short about 1/2 a front tooth–John's that is! He'd gotten into a bicycle accident on his way home Wednesday night, so our departure was a bit more harried than usual, but we made it into DFW Thursday night without any other crises. We spent Friday morning in the dentist's office, where John got what he really wanted for Christmas–two whole front teeth, of course–and then prepped for Saturday's main event, a big holiday cocktail party. We'd invited John's high school pals, his younger brother Mike invited his friends and we even welcomed the neighborhood to join us. We whipped up Chatham Artillery Punch, Boston Eggnog and served enough bubbly to put nearly everyone out of commission on Sunday!

My baby brother arrived on Monday morning a few hours before my mom, so we brought him home to meet John's family and indulged in a big Mexican lunch at our favorite place in Grapevine, Esparza's. By the time Charlie had napped off his steak fajitas, my Mama was en route, and we all got a chance to catch up in the Brittons' homey kitchen. I spent the better part of Christmas Eve with my family picking up last minute Christmas presents before visiting a few of John's friends and sharing a sumptuous supper with our cousins in Dallas.

John and I cooked up a traditional breakfast–roasted potatoes, soft-scrambled eggs with fresh herbs and plenty of coffee to wash it all down with–on Christmas morning, and after opening gifts, returned to the kitchen where we all set to cooking a fabulous dinner, including a 20lb roast turkey, mustard-rubbed beef tenderloin, homemade rolls, stuffing, mashed potatoes and the like. It was such a treat to have both our families together, laughing and telling stories–even the ones I wished they hadn't recounted! We curled up after dinner to watch movies and Charlie ended up falling asleep on the Brittons' cozy sofa, which was possibly the perfect ending to a wonderful celebration.

The next morning, the Britton boys, Charlie and I headed to a local firing range with John's new toy, a beautiful over-under shotgun. The instructor was attentive–at times, perhaps overly so–and my shoulder was pretty bruised up the next day, but it was a beautiful day for some outdoor activity. Char headed to the airport soon after and my Mom was on a flight out the next morning, but John and I had one more day in Texas, which we spent hanging out on the back porch, running errands and eating sushi from a family favorite. And best of all? We made it back home in time to order Indian food, keeping our Friday night tradition alive!

Tell me, how was your holiday? I can't wait to hear about your favorite presents, most joyful moments and all the craziness of your Christmas!

Image by Archetype Studio Inc, bouquet by Floral Events.


  1. yikes! so sorry about john's front tooth! i broke half of mine in college (i was sober i swear!) anyways that was 6+ years ago and i JUST got the filling replaced. those things usually last a while :) anyways glad to hear the rest of the trip was fun and you got to spend some quality time with the family! xo jillian



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