Monday, July 22, 2013

After a Friday full of spreadsheets and statements, I was ready to celebrate the end of the work week! I picked up a favorite bottle of sparkling rosé on my way home, grabbed John and headed to our usual Friday night spot where we met up with friends. Our 4-top table was absolutely covered in dosas and paneer dishes, and after our Indian feast, we strolled across the street for espressos–summer in SF means hot drinks and wool coats! 

John was up early on Saturday morning; I vaguely remember murmuring goodbye as he headed to Trouble for an espresso with his favorite notebook! He got home early too, and after some indulgent snuggling, we cooked up scrambled eggs with Monterey Jack cheese topped with avocado and salsa. We enjoyed a quiet hour curled up on the couch with a hot beverage before settling in at the kitchen table with our respective projects. Before I knew it, John was headed to working and I was flying through my to-do's list–editorial calendar, reading some of my favorite blogs and digging into writing samples–check, check, check! By the time John got home it was nearly dark, and rather than start cooking a late supper, we grabbed dinner at Le Soleil, a new favorite Vietnamese restaurant. We headed home, packed a bag for John and got in bed early–he had a flight to catch the next morning!

5:30 came too soon Sunday morning, but we dragged ourselves out of bed and to the airport for John's flight to Dallas–he was craving some summer heat and quality time with his family. I drove home and decided the best way to put the morning to good use was with some yoga–in a warm sweater! It was so chilly I didn't even manage to work up a sweat, but I felt refreshed and accomplished arriving at the grocery store before 8 with exercise under my belt! After a simple breakfast, I dove into my work–and some indulgences, too, like an afternoon bubble bath and a stroll around the neighborhood. Once I'd finished math practice, I cooked up a big supper for my baby brother and I–we're starting to make a habit of family dinners on Sunday night! He said goodnight and I got into my pjs; an early bedtime was all I was interested in after a full day!

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend?

 Image by Carl Ten Eyck and Lisa Berry, bouquet by Blush Floral Design.


  1. I need to incorporate more afternoon bubble baths into my life :-) What a fun weekend!

  2. I need more Indian food in my life. Every time I come here on Mondays, I'm always determined to eat more fun foods and relax a little more.

  3. lovely weekend... i hate that i feel the last less and less... ha!

  4. You just made me realize I have not taken a bubble bath in ages! :) Sounds like your weekend was lovely.


  5. That picture...totally off subject...is the perfect wedding bouquet.

    Glad to hear you had a nice weekend!

  6. Aww I love that you're making Sunday night dinners with the family a tradition... your weekends always sound so wonderful. :)

  7. I'm craving cool nites with wool sweater. So perfect. :]

  8. First, those flowers are stunning. Second, your weekend sounds dreamy!



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