Thursday, December 20, 2012

 Inspired by ruby red earrings worn by Queen Olga of Greece, these crimson beauties from Bauble Bar would certainly look gorgeous with your favorite little black dress at holiday celebrations this December!

Tell me, do you have anything sparkling on your wish list this year? I've got my fingers crossed and my heart set on a monogrammed bauble from Sarah Chloe!


  1. Dear Santa,
    I want these!

    I've been asking Mac for a diamond ring for two years, let's see if he gets the memo, haha!

  2. Oh my... I didn't have anything sparkly on my list but I think I might now. These are so perfect for the holidays I can't even handle it.

  3. In a word -- magnificent! xo style, she wrote

  4. These are incredible. The red makes them look so sophisticated without being overly gaudy. I've had my eye on a few simple eternity bands. Little delicate rings with diamonds are my favorite.

    Stay in the Lines

  5. These are absolute knock-outs. Hope you get your Christmas wish!

  6. I want these so badly!!! They're my birth stone so I should have them naturally. Right? Right.

  7. ohh my gosh, these are amazing. and i don't even like rubies! i really want an emerald ring.. i never much cared for my birthstone, but i'm loving it lately!

  8. gorgeous! i hope you had a merry christmas and a happy new year lena! xoxo

  9. I'm hoping for a halo diamond solitaire necklace this year :)

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