Love, Wishes and Thanks

Monday, November 22, 2010

The blog world is full of some pretty incredible people, and I'm always delighted to call the amazing Sylvie of Silver Lining my very dear friend. Reading her wonderful insights into wedding planning, this beautiful city by the bay and her blessed life always fills me with joy and inspiration, so when she asked me to participate in an amazing feature she's doing for Thanksgiving called "Love, Wishes and Thanks", you can imagine I was thrilled! The image above is my Christmas wish list (didn't Sylvie totally nail it?): I hope you'll go take a peek at my guest post, and be sure to visit Silver Lining all week for other wonderful bloggers' Love, Wishes and Thanks!

Tell me, what's on your Christmas wish list?


  1. I have a jacket.
    Some workout pants.
    a few sweaters and tops.
    more practical things of what I need like clothes! :)
    Oh and this really really lovely perfume, which I may or may not take off of my list ha! It's a lot of money!

  2. That is an adorable post. Love those red flats!!

  3. it was my pleasure to feature you, dear friend, and your magnificent wishes and adventures, on silver lining! a hundred thank yous for everything...and here's to a glorious thanksgiving :)
    sylvie of silver lining

  4. Adding those sweet ballet flats to my list! Love it!

  5. does this mean you want a pillow fight with the Beatles? You were always so easy to get a gift for. I guess the cashmere will have to do. LOVE the flats but I hate to buy shoes for someone else.

  6. How fun!! What a great list of stuff for Christmas. I'd love to get a new camera this year so I can amp up the blog photos! I dont know if we're financially in the right place for that though so instead I've asked for a baking book and some yarn and such to continue knitting. Other than that, I'm not sure!

  7. I love the picture!

  8. I red this feature and was so fun to find out that two of the bloggers I follow is actually friends!
    Have a lovely Tuesday :)

  9. Love your Christmas wish list and I'm going to take a peek at your guest post over Silver Lining.
    Talk soon

  10. I am still working on my wish list! Last year I got my wished Kitchen aid!!! One of my wishes could be these lovely shoes!!!!!!!!! where can I get them? I am heading to your friend´s blog!! right now!!!

  11. MMMMMMM...I'd like to receive a very glamour Bulgari ring I saw a few days ago...and a couple of days in Paris! Too much???

  12. i really really want a camera strap from eclectic whatnot for christmas:)
    what is on your wishlist?



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