No 533: the Princetonian

Friday, May 28, 2010

"I think of Princeton as being lazy and good-looking and aristocratic you know, like a spring day."

-F.Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

I was absolutely thrilled when I saw this Greek Orthodox wedding in Princeton, NJ, photographed by Susan Stripling. I picked my very favorite portraits, taken at the Battlefield and surrounding streets, for their beauty and my own fond memories of summer afternoons on Stockton.


  1. I've never visited Princeton, but have friends that have studied there. It looks absolutely gorgeous! And the F.Scott quote? Swoon!

    XX Katie

  2. Katie, there was an article in the NYTimes about the Ivies a few years ago, and they described Princeton as the college Walt Disney designed. It's absolutely gorgeous, and obviously I miss it all the time!


  3. Gorgeous photos, and that dress is amazing!



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