No 354: the Shave

Friday, January 8, 2010

Today Mr Wonderful and I were on the hunt for mustache wax, a recent necessity as his 'stache has grown long enough to impede eating, drinking and occasionally, kissing. We stopped by The Art of Shaving which sadly did not carry the toiletry we sought, but they had the most incredible chair at the front of the shop. Since my sweetheart is the proud owner of a brand new Thiers-Issard straight razor (a Christmas gift from La Petite Coquine), he's gotten very excited about old-school shaves.

I love this set of photographs taken by Elizabeth Messina; usually the bride's grooming (oh, a pun!) gets all the attention and documenting. Not only did this incredibly talented photographer take time to capture the groom's preparations, he took the time to plan a masculine event, including Coronas and Cohibas. How perfectly gentlemanly.


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