No 322: the Fur Coat

Friday, December 4, 2009

The wearing of fur is surrounded with moderate controversy, but after posting two consecutive weddings featuring gorgeous fur capelets, I decided that I too could proudly pull out my fur in San Francisco. There's a reason women wore fur coats-they're incredibly warm (not to mention soft and delicious). My love of fur even earned me a particularly delightful nickname, and since my teens, I've collected 6 coats, 2 fabulous trapper hats and one killer pair of black après ski boots.

Jane Birkin looks absolutely adorable in this coat (red fox, if I had to guess), and that straw basket she carried everywhere inspired Hermès' Birkin bag, named for the actress, model, singer and one of my dearest fashion icons. I'll confess, it was photographs of Birkin's bangs that inspired my recent hair cut, and it was this photo that came to mind when I was given a fantastic fur peacoat I'll be wearing all winter long! Photo c/o this is glamorous.


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