No 216: the Etiquette of the Internet

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I love the internet. I think it's a magical place where unicorns run wild and unengaged women who are crazy about weddings can obsess all they want. We're able to share beautiful photographs and phenomenal D.I.Y. ideas, impart advice, even sell worn wedding gowns. This is a good system.

But it goes too far.

I read a woman's blog the other day-she posted on her wedding day. And every day since. I don't care if you're having a staycation or skipping the honeymoon altogether; don't you have better things to do on the day of or after your wedding than blog?!?

And all this coming from a girl who posts daily. But I mean it-if I catch one of you out there updating your Facebook relationship status or Twitter account, I'm taking away your hand-held electronic device and forcing you to enjoy this moment. Getting married to this man only happens once (unless you're Elizabeth Taylor, in which case, I'd already know about it). Be there!

It still happened, even if no one comments or "likes" it on Facebook.


  1. hmm i wonder where this resentment stems from... especially the last bit... ;)

  2. "It still happened, even if no one comments or 'likes' it on Facebook."

    that's one of the best things i've ever read/heard. lovey blogging, as usual, lena :)


  3. Ha ha ha, that is so funny, and so true! Gotta live in the moment. Must admit that I'm on the internet everyday and blog most days, but can resist if I'm doing something more fun- like getting married!



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