No 134: the Vintage Bridal Clutch

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chlorine, a Los Angeles based vintage handbag boutique, has some incredible bridal clutches in addition to a slew of really beautiful refurbished and embellished bags. The "Faith" clutch features lace and a lovely clasp, but I absolutely adore the faux mink "Scarlet": perfect for a winter wedding with a matching chubby.


  1. How do i buy items from this website? I love, love, love this No. 134: the Vintage Bridal Clutch! After seeing another of your designs, i have decided this is the "one" for me, but i cannot seem to access how to order? My wedding is in October, so i am quite anxious to buy the perfect purse & have fallen in love with this one. Please send me details on how to buy asap! :)



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