No 126: the Deer Hunter

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh dear. The thing I don't understand about the deer topper is that anyone having a Hunting Wedding is shooting deer. Why, why, why would you top your cake with a doe and buck bride and groom if the deer will also be dinner? At least Utah Bride and Groom understood that this was a failure. The cake below is just a masterpiece of fungal horror. Those little green spores are sure to get someone sick. This photograph is actually part of a tutorial on how to plan the perfect Huntin' Weddin'. Imagining someone planning this is bad, but imagining someone wanting this and not knowing how to execute their vision is even more painful.


  1. I wonder what flavor the hunting deer cake has? Though having a forest like motif is cool and unique but yes having a 2 deer head on top of a cake is crazy. A lot of people are very interested in hunting. This sport brings excitement and a different kind of adventure especially for those who love the outdoors and experience excitement over challenges, celebrating wedding in a ranch will show how you love hunting adventure, just like how V-Bharre Ranch experience will feel.



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