No 117: Real Wedding: Michelle and David

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spotted in the New York Times Weddings section comes this outrageous celebration. Frankly, it was too weird not to post, which is probably just how NYT felt. Michelle and David met in 1987 (I think nearly all of my readership was already born) and they could never get it right: as one's marriage was disintegrating, the other was expecting their first child. You get the idea. This is actually Michelle's third marriage, and let's hope this one sticks, because where do you go after a party like this one? They were married at Dylan's Candy Bar in Manhattan, and guests enjoyed peanut butter and jelly tarts and candy sushi. She borrowed a Project Runway design from Season 4's Candy themed episode.

This wedding is adorable; The first day they met, she had candy in her bag. But I'm going to be honest, it's also giving me a little bit of a stomach ache. I can only imagine how the guests felt. Photos by Karen Cunningham for NYTimes. Check out her website for more photos of this wacky celebration, and lots of other beautiful events.


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