No 91: my Apologies!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I feel like such a negligent blogger! Between John's visit, the opera and my Mom in town, I've been so distracted! Admittedly, it's better to be preoccupied by joyful visits and career-related activities as opposed to beer and loose women, but I still feel guilt. Forgive me, readers.

To make it up to you, I will show you something magical. Like the wedding equivalent of a unicorn.
New images from MSW Spring 2009. So stunning white gowns are not as infrequent at weddings as a unicorn in the woods might be, but they're still really nice to look at. This Morgane Le Fay is perfect for a Day-After Brunch or honeymoon departure dress.
Oh, Oscar. Can you do any wrong? Besides the fact that this gown will run you $19,890. I like how it's priced just under $20,000.
This dress was made for May Welland, but only if her marriage to Newland was a happy one. Damn you, Countess Olenska. Thank you, Vera Wang.
Romana Keveza. This dress is heart-stopping, and the sketches incorporated into the photograph are beautiful.


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