No 5: My metrognome

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My boyfriend is crazy for those rolled up tobaccy sticks, and I think there's something so wonderfully old-world about serving cigars and single malt scotch instead of coffee. Obviously, John also has a soft spot in his heart for single malts, and cowboy boots, the Texan that he is. He owns a rifle and a buck knife, and taught me how to use 'em. The man drives a pickup. He might as well be an inspiration board for metrognomes.

"The metrognome comes in several forms. There is the archetypal Pacific Northwestern/Western metrognome, of course, attired in flannels and beard year-round. The metrognome was originally identified, in fact, in San Francisco. The southern metrognome has been known to evoke the Civil War. Then there is the seasonal metrognome, who comes out only when the weather grows cold. This varietal wears a beard, yes, but his clothing also becomes considerably more rugged than is his wont, or than is necessary in an urban environment. The metrognome is not to be confused with the Bear, who is characterized by a certain natural burly hirsuteness. The metrognome transformation, by contrast, is completely inorganic and owes nothing to actual appearance. As "metro" implies, there is an element of deliberate grooming and styling involved."-Jezebel

So in honor of John's excellent taste, we'll serve his favorite beers (Shiner Boch, Firestone Pale 31 and O'Hara Stout), his favorite soup (tomato basil) and certainly cigars and scotch. I'm thinking the Balvenie Double Wood, but we'll see. Since we're not yet offically betrothed, I can certainly hold off on ordering a case of anything.

Photos from Ceci NY and theKnot(I think).


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