No 1: Inaugural Post

Monday, January 19, 2009

This will be my first post, my inaugural post if you will, and given the season, it seems very appropriate. Tonight, my friend Matt was watching me troll other peoples' wedding blogs and finally confronted me about my problem. My problem is this:

I have files in my files in my wedding file (more on this to come, I'm sure). I have every issue of Martha Stewart Weddings since I could drive myself to the store late at night to buy them. I spend so much time thinking about, talking about and stalking other peoples' weddings that it could be a job and often distracts me from the things I actually need to be doing. The time I've spent organizing my wedding file is enough to have found certainly one alternate fuel source. And now, we agree, it's time for me to take my obsessive bookmarking and photo-compiling and turn it into a potentially useful, and at the very least funny, drain of my free time.

But what do you post in the first post? It sets the tone. You say, "This is the thing about weddings that matters most to me." Is it a dreamy white fondant cake with an antique wedding bell cake topper? The most divine Carolina Herrera polka dot gown? A drop dead gorgeous letter pressed invitation suite in baby blue calligraphy? The perfect tower of coupe glasses filled with Veuve Clicquot?

While clearly I fantasize about these things when I could be accomplishing something useful, the image I want to start (and perhaps leave) readers with is this one. Not a detail, but a feeling. The most wonderful picnic with really gorgeous china and the people who matter most to you both.

Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings, Summer 2008.


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