Monday, July 20, 2015

After a demanding week, I worked from home on Friday and was delighted to find how much I could accomplish–while also enjoying a stroll through Golden Gate Park with John and feeding the ducks. As usual, we spent the whole day looking forward to dinner, and ordered Indian food almost as soon as the restaurant opened; takeout and a documentary make for a perfect Friday night in my mind!

Our early bedtime made an early wake up easy, and the first order of business was breakfast–roasted fingerlings, poached eggs, the works. Then we tackled our to do lists, John settling in to finish an arrangement and me tortured by identifying minor 6th and 7ths. We kept at it for a few hours, and when I invited John to run a quick errand with me, we suddenly discovered we had quite a few tasks to be attended to. John spent a large part of the afternoon picking up supplies for his trip to Switzerland (he leaves tomorrow), then grabbed me to collect everything we needed to make our own salsa. Unfortunately, the check-out line at our local coop, where the dry farmed tomatoes which had inspired our cooking project could be found, was the site of a terrible iPhone tragedy, and I quickly convinced our Apple Business contact to squeeze me in for a Genius bar appointment (but not before consoling myself with a little blackberry ice cream). I dashed across town to the Marina to wait out the application of a new screen, and a few hours later came home to discover that John had done all the roasting and blending of our culinary project himself! The results were nothing less than outstanding, and we cooked up a little Mexican feast to enjoy our new condiment with, including a spicy cabbage and heirloom carrot slaw and a health heap of guacamole. Then we curled up with Katniss Everdeen and watched Mockingjay: Part I.

I slept in while John made a run to our local grocery for black beans and Mexican crema, then surprised me with a beautiful breakfast–huevos rancheros with our freshly made salsa! We had a low-key morning, and John even took a little nap, before diving into French lessons and music theory. It's rare for San Francisco to get so warm and none of the buildings have air conditioning, so I nearly swooned while working out with Mary Helen Bowers–nothing sounded better after all that Swan-Arming than a cool shower and a ice cold glass of white wine! I let John nap through the warm afternoon while I got a bit more work done, then we set to making a summer gnocchi full of fresh corn, basil, and John's favorite dry farmed tomatoes (and a splash of white wine, of course!). After dinner we strolled to the local coop for watermelon gently chilled in the freezer, and then headed to bed early since my Monday started just before dawn!

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Enjoy a popsicle by the pool perhaps, or taking a bike ride through your favorite park?


  1. I've never seen a blue ring so stunning. This is a class act.

    1. The cut, the color, the setting–it's gorgeous!



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