Monday, March 9, 2015

What a week. What a weekend. But challenges make us appreciate the things that come easy or go well, and this new week is bringing many wonderful things.

We'd already gotten our Indian food fix on Wednesday evening over dinner with good friends, so although John could eat prawn vindaloo every day for the rest of his life, I insisted we do something a bit different. We met at Andronico's on my way home and grabbed a gorgeous butternut squash, which was heavenly slow-roasted and tossed into a Champagne-saffron risotto. We curled up on the couch–one place in our home we rarely enjoy–and watched House of Cards before a very early bedtime. After all, we'd been out after midnight mingling with the principal dancers of the San Francisco Ballet the night before!

We were up early on Saturday morning and John let me lounge while he cooked up our traditional weekend breakfast. I tottered into the kitchen to make coffee and tea while John smashed the avocado and served up beautifully poached eggs. We both settled in with our work, but John's been nursing a little cold for the last few days, so a large part of the day was spent curled up in bed watching new episodes of Archer and brewing Throat Coat tea for my guy. After such a stressful week, it was a welcome break. That evening I stewed chickpeas in a rosemary-tomato sauce. Served spooned over toasted bread and topped with burrata, they made a splendid simple supper–and paired beautifully with a bottle of Cab. We took a stroll around the block for a bit of fresh air before heading home to cozy up with Frank Underwood.

Daylight savings time always makes me a bit uncertain of what time it is, but I must have checked every clock a half dozen times while we made breakfast tacos on Sunday morning. Scrambled eggs, spicy roasted potatoes and plenty of salsa might be the most fun way to start the date. John was feeling a bit better, so while he worked at the guitar, I checked projects off my to-do list. That afternoon we finalized the musical selections for our reception, and I worked up a sweat before diving into my latest read (and the newest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings). After a productive evening phone call, I indulged in a big glass of wine and snuggled up with my sick sweetheart before a busy new week began. 

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Finishing House of Cards, perhaps, or making progress on a big project? Or maybe, like us, you were recovering from a cold and Daylight Savings time!

Image by Carrie Patterson Photography, pink peony bouquet by Gild the Lily Too.


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