Monday, March 23, 2015

After a big week of exciting announcements at work, it was time to celebrate–and I had the job of planning a fabulous fête and an absurd after-party. I was lucky to have colleagues who were excited about event planning, too, so I had lots of help, but Thursday and Friday were all about vendor confirmations, last-minute menu timing discussions and even a trip to McDonald's to pre-order 60 Happy Meals. I didn't have nearly as much fun as everyone else, because I was busy making sure things ran smoothly, but there's huge satisfaction in seeing an event go perfectly as planned–and your teammates get sauced. John and I finally tumbled into bed a little after 1am, and I don't know if I've ever been so excited to sleep.

Though I'd spent the evening soberly overseeing our event, John had imbibed a bit more and woke up on Saturday with a nasty little hangover. His one request? Pancakes. I was more than happy to oblige, and had such fun whipping up flapjacks, a food I think I last cooked when I was 12. After breakfast, John curled up next to me in bed for a nap while I hammered out some work. He took off for a run while I met up with girlfriends for brunch and some wedding planning, and though it was a bigger adventure than probably any of us had planned on, I was so grateful for these wonderful women and their help. I drove home to John just as our neighborhood was filling up with thick fog, and to make up for Friday's festivities, ordered up a whole bunch of curry, perfect for the chilly, wet evening. 

We were up early on Sunday morning and John cooked my favorite breakfast–poached eggs over avocado toast and roasted potatoes. Once breakfast was over and we'd finished our coffee, we both got down to work–John at the guitar, me at the computer. I squeezed in a workout before heading to the Mission for a blogging work session. After a productive afternoon, I headed back across town, picked up groceries and whipped up a big salad for supper. After dinner and an episode or two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, we curled up with our work and headed to bed as it started to rain–a perfect Sunday evening.

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Doing a little spring cleaning perhaps, or braving a bit of unexpected winter weather?

Image by Andrea Hubbell, green and white bouquet from Southern Blooms by Pat's Floral Design.


  1. It snowed here and I re-binged watch Kimmy Schmidt. No regrets! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your Sunday breakfast is making my mouth water.



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