Limoncello Spritz

Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm not afraid to admit that I love a healthy pour of soda atop almost anything I'm drinking. Americanos, Campari & Sodas, and any liqueur (but especially raspberry) topped with sparkling water were practically designed with me in mind; they're basically adult Italian sodas. So this limoncello spritz is right up my alley, and a perfect ray of sunshine during a cold, dark winter.

Limoncello Spritz

3 oz dry white wine
1 oz limoncello
soda water
lemon peel 

Fill a Collins glass with ice. Add white wine, limoncello, then top with soda water. Garnish with a lemon peel.

Notes: I'm always apt to chose French (or Northern California) wines, but I'm betting an Italian Verdicchio or Pinot Grigio would be perfect paired with limoncello in this Mediterranean sipper. Cin cin!


  1. sounds like the perfect drink! cheers to the weekend :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams



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