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Monday, September 22, 2014

white peony and dusty miller bouquet by Myrtie Blue

Friday marked our company's annual holiday picnic, and since the fête was being held in Golden Gate Park, not 10 minutes from our apartment, I decided to spend the morning working from home rather than dashing across town. After empanadas and chai at Hollow, where John and I worked on his to-do list for the day and talked upcoming trips, we headed home to get some work done before I dashed off to the park. BBQ, bubble soccer and beers kept the team smiling despite the overcast and occasionally drizzly weather, and I headed home happy to get out of my soaking wet shoes! We devoted the better part of the late afternoon to our projects, but an Indian food feast pulled us both away from our agendas and into the living room, where we curled up with The West Wing

The next morning, John trekked to Andronico's for provisions while I sipped a cup of tea and cleaned out my inbox. Toasted challah and fresh berries proved to be the perfect Saturday morning breakfast, and kept our clean kitchen spotless–win win! We spent the day hard at work on our projects, me at the kitchen table and John pouring over his scores, but a visit for a new musical friend did break up the afternoon's proceedings. We took a quick jaunt to our favorite grocer for dinner supplies and a bottle of Grenache, and after cooking up a simple Spanish tortilla, nearly polished off the wine while we watched Bill Pullman wax about his true love–exotic fruit.

We'd resisted the temptation to eat the entire tortilla the night before, and gently warmed alongside a toasted slice of challah, it made the perfect breakfast. John brought me a tray in bed, and we enjoyed our tea and an episode of West Wing all before 9am. Though I tried to write through John's morning devotionals, I quickly realized that the apartment wasn't really big enough to accommodate both our goals for the day. I packed up my laptop and my notes and bee-lined to the public library, where the sixth floor San Francisco History Reading Room provided an oasis of quiet and a pile of books. On my way home, I grabbed John and we picked up butternut squash for a fall-inspired risotto recipe. We each had a juice glass of Grenache and after supper, took a long walk to the beach. After an early episode of West Wing, we were ready to call it a night–and tackle the coming week!

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Pulling out your cozy cableknits and thermoses filled with spiced cider, or maybe attending a football game? I want to hear all about it!

Image by Dear Wesleyann, white peony and dusty miller bouquet by Myrtie Blue.


  1. that risotto sounds pretty wonderful!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Another magical weekend and another stunning bouquet. It's perfect for winter weddings!

  3. Your weekend recaps always have me wanting to cook on the weekends (which I usually don't do).

  4. Fabulous weekend! So envious of how much work you get done with your free time.



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