Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I must confess, weekends probably won't be very glamorous in the next few months (truly, are they ever?). I'm working on a big project and two unstructured days each week means lots of time to devote to my undertaking. But I promise to do my best to keep things interesting–I have tickets to the opera and an appointment at a local bridal shop to see my favorite dress next weekend !
On Friday night, I headed home and straight into the waiting arms of my guy–Indian food was on the way, a bottle of my favorite French apple cider was chilling and the foggy weather promised us a perfect evening. After a curried feast and a few episodes of Masters of Sex, we tumbled off to bed excited for one well-deserved long weekend.

We were up early on Saturday, and while I cleaned out my inbox, John was crafting a fabulous breakfast he delivered to me in bed. Avocado toast topped with a poached egg and some roasted fingerling potatoes proclaimed that the weekend had truly arrived, and we clinked our teacups before diving into a day full of favorite projects, with John at the guitar and me at my computer. When I'm engrossed in something, I can easily spend all day reading, writing and thinking, which is precisely what Saturday was devoted to–along with a bit of yoga and a light lunch. John ducked out that evening for supplies, and when he returned home, everything was ready for an impromptu date night. We sipped cocktails, noshed on pâté and cheeses, and let Bebel Gilberto provide the perfect soundtrack to our cozy evening.

Sunday started much the same way, though Gruyère omelettes were on the menu instead. I pulled out my notebooks, favorite sticky tabs and brightest highlighters while John worked through logistics for an upcoming trip to Buffalo, NY. He dashed out for an afternoon run while I met up with an old grad school pal to talk weddings over a glass of rosé at Outerlands, and soon we were ready for an early supper. We made a big trip to our favorite grocery store, then headed home to enjoy simple turkey, swiss and avocado sandwiches as the sun set. We curled up with Funny Face, one of my favorite films (which John had never seen) while a loaf of banana bread baked in the oven, and as we fell asleep, we remembered giddily that there was still one more "weekend" day left!

I had us up even earlier on Monday morning to keep us on our usual schedule. Banana bread and a cup of spiced tea made for a perfect breakfast, and while John practiced scales, I curled up with my laptop and the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. I spent the majority of the day with a book in my lap, but a bit of sunshine is good for the soul, and so I did get out a bit. That evening, we hosted a friend for dinner, and served a Spanish-inspired menu: Marcona almonds, olives and cheeses with Sherry and Campari cocktails to start, following by a spicy tortilla española and a big pile of greens. We washed it all down with a bottle of rosé–the perfect wine to toast the end of summer with.

Tell me, what were you up to this holiday weekend? Poolside cocktails, beach-side barbeques or perhaps attending a wedding or two? I want to hear all about it!


  1. mmmm banana bread is the best! and i have heard great things about Masters of Sex, I need to start watching it! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Ah, the flowers look gorgeous!! And your weekend sounds utterly perfect. Good thing I had a snack with me while I read about it - all of the food sounds delicious and very elegant :)

  3. That sure is a cheerful little bouquet! We went to parties and ate and ate and lounged. Soaking it all up!

  4. Sounds like heaven! I love Funny Face too especially "how to be lovely". I was still getting over my cold. Felt a bit better on Saturday and went wine tasting for a friend's Bachelorette. Then spent Sunday and Monday with cough syrup and watching Downton Abbey over again.



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