Monday, June 2, 2014

After two equally long days at our respective offices, John and I got home far later than usual on Friday night. Luckily our Friday night dates had other plans and we could indulge in a bit of takeout! Our kitchen was quickly filled with curries, and we each enjoyed a Maharaja along with our supper. Then we curled up on the couch with The West Wing for a cozy night in. 

Saturday started off perfectly–we woke up early and ran a few errands on our way to Hollow for chai tea and empanadas. But the day soon got away from us. A minor irritation here, a misstep there and a stressful day of recording videos for a guitar festival John hopes to compete in left us both a bit burnt out. Of course, that was nothing compared to the awful moment when we discovered that he'd accidentally wiped his iPhone–without ever having backed it up. It took us both some time to recover from the crushing events of the day (losing hours of urgently needed video will do that) but after a little quiet time and some spicy penne all'arrabbiata, we were ready to tackle an afternoon's worth of work in just an hour. John played beautifully, I learned the basics of iMovie and we submitted his application before collapsing in bed with an episode of The West Wing and a big glass of wine. 

John woke us both up early on Sunday, but I was happy to let him clean up while I dozed and flipped through the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. John put our breakfast trays to use when he delivered avocado toast with poached eggs and roasted fingerlings, and we curled up in bed to digest our repast and savor our recovery from Saturday's disasters. John did a little practicing while I got my heart rate racing (I just discovered jumping rope!) and then we both put the house away before meeting our pals in the Richmond. We bought beer supplies and headed back to their new apartment for an afternoon of boiling and brewing. After a quick meeting in Hayes Valley, we returned to their place for Indian food, cocktail experiments and the kind of fun you can only have with your dearest friends. We headed home as it started to grow dark, and after a long hot bath, I felt ready to tackle the week!

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Enjoying a dip in the pool, finalizing your summer vacation plans or spending time with your best pals, perhaps?


  1. Oh no! I have that fear oh wiping my phone, too. My heart dropped when I read that. But it got hungry again once you talked about Indian food.

  2. Jumprope is no joke!! So sorry about your videos, but maybe the final product was the one that was supposed to be recorded anyway :) We spent the entire day yesterday re-discovering our house from under the piles and piles of wedding detritus that had accumulated over the last few weeks. It feels so good to have a home again!

  3. Oh no! So glad that John was able to recover quickly from that mishap with his phone - phew!!

  4. ugh sorry about john's iphone! that is the WORST. glad things got a little better on sunday! xo jillian - cornflake dreams stop by! I'm hosting a giveaway.



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