Monday, April 28, 2014

John was delayed at work on Friday night, so our evening started a little later than usual–but it wasn't without plenty of Indian food! After a spicy feast, John spent a little time with the guitar (and me with a great new read) before crawling into bed with a Netflix selection or two.

We were up with plenty of time to make it to our favorite coffee shop as they opened their doors on Saturday morning. We snagged a little café table and cleared out half their empanada supply before indulging in a little people-watching over our favorite drinks–an Americano for John, a chai for me. Then we strolled over to our local grocery for a few weekend supplies, including spray roses and clouds of baby's breath. Back at home, we teamed up to clean house before I puttered around with my kitchen sheers and Weck jars arranging flowers. After a bit of blogging, John and I met up with our favorite schemers (and usual Friday night companions) for a bit of business over a bottle of wine at Park Chow. We spent the better part of the afternoon talking and taking notes, and after they headed home, we kicked back with a few episodes of Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man. Since it had grown cold, we cooked up a cozy risotto bianco for supper and then dove under the covers with his & hers books for a snuggly Saturday night.

John surprised me with an early morning Sunday breakfast, and after roasted potatoes and avocado toast with poached eggs, we climbed back into bed for a few episodes of Frasier. While John practiced, I perused blogs for inspiration and prepped my summer editorial calendar before jumping into my favorite yoga pants for a long practice. John was good enough to drop me off in the Castro where I met girlfriends at Samovar for afternoon tea and gossip. A long walk around the neighborhood gave me a chance to pick up some pâté and a coconut cream pie from Bi-Rite, which John and I brought to Sunday dinner with our Friday night friends (we've recently decided to upgrade to all weekend friends). We stayed up late chatting and scheming, and finally tumbled into bed very early Monday morning!

Tell me, how was your weekend? Did you make any grand plans, start a new book or pick up a project?

Image by Heather Waraksa.


  1. That sounds delightfully restful. Now I want to dig into some Indian food. Probably not a good combo with my coffee. We took a lot of naps in this rainy weather and I actually feel pretty restful today! Wahoo!

  2. Sounds like a delightful weekend indeed. I may have to upgrade to "all weekend friends" too. :)

  3. i love that your weekends usually start with Indian food :) what a wonderful tradition! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I love that you guys watch Fraiser. One of my faves...esp with a glass of wine in hand!

  5. Oh my gosh - how gorgeous are those earrings!?

  6. Love the box for those earrings!!!! I flew into Missouri sister's wedding is Saturday, and I cannot believe it!

  7. Sounds like the most delightful of weekends...

    Clare x



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