Monday, March 3, 2014

What's better than a bit of yellow in the midst of a long winter? Get ready for a big dose of cheer this week!

With John in chilly Allentown, PA this weekend for a guitar competition, I had the weekend all to myself. On Friday evening, after a little retail therapy at Sephora, I met a girlfriend for dinner at Tropisueño. Over margaritas and guacamole we caught up about the craziness of the last few weeks (my old company's acquisition was announced late Wednesday) and I left feeling so grateful for a good friend.

I was up very early the next morning, and waited with baited breath to hear about the results of the semifinals. John wasn't thrilled by his performance and in the end didn't advance to Sunday's finals, but I was still filled with pride for my minstrel. Truth be told, we'd had a week full of rejection, but I chose to see it as an opportunity to refocus our efforts and define our goals. I spent Saturday indulging in some of my favorite things–a cup of tea and a novel (I finished The Devil in the White City and started on Piper Kerman's memoir), some pilates, a trip to my favorite grocery store to roam the aisles, and a long, hot bath. After a roasted corn and avocado salad, I caught up with one of my besties; I like to imagine that we were both drinking rosé in our apartments across the country while we gabbed until our phone batteries died.

I spent a quiet Sunday morning poaching eggs and roasting fingerling before settling in with my newest read under a cozy throw. Eventually I threw my hair in a pony, grabbed a sweater and jumped in a pal's car for a trip to visit a bunch of our old colleagues (and their beautiful baby!). We spent the afternoon snacking on brownies and cooing over the most darling tot, then stopped by our old office to grab the last of our things left behind during the madness. A simple shakshuka supper and a hot shower were just what I needed to start the new week right

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Start a great new book, prepare for another week of winter weather or dream of tulips and spring showers?

Image by Jose Villa, bouquet by Flower Wild, styling by Lisa Vorce for Southern Weddings.


  1. retail therapy at sephora is always a good idea.

  2. This image totally brightens up my day!!! We had such a rainy weekend around here.... sure need this ray of sunshine in my life ;)

  3. pilates, guacamole, margaritas = a few of my favorite things (i had all three this weekend too!) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I'm loving the dose of cheer on this dreary winter day!

    always, koru kate

  5. We brought a dog home to foster, went wedding suit shopping for the fiance, and hung out with our 1 week old nephew. And obsessed over True Detective!

  6. I was wildly unproductive this weekend. Although spent good quality time with the kiddos and did manage to whip up a stellar black bean soup. Hoping to dive back into the Goldfinch soon!

  7. Definitely my new favorite bouquet.



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