Monday, January 27, 2014

With Valentine's Day approaching, all I can think of is little love notes, lacy lingerie, boxes of chocolate and shades of red and pink; this week's a little naughty, but the other'll be sweet!

John was working the Exploratorium's Science of the Cocktail event on Friday night, so I did what any girl with an apartment to herself (and a long week behind her) would–put on my pjs and open up a bottle of wine! My little brother's girlfriend dropped by to grab some of his mail and ended up staying to catch up a bit over a glass of white Burgundy; after saying goodnight, I watched the latest Downton Abbey episodes and grabbed John downtown once the event was done.

Despite the late night, we were up early the next morning and decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day by breakfasting alfresco at a local café. Over coffee and chipotle eggs Benedict, we planned a morning of house cleaning and beer brewing–because that's what Saturdays are for! We managed to tackle the scrubbing, dusting and sweeping in record time, so I edited some gorgeous weddings while John practiced his favorite French repertoire. We enjoyed our traditional Friday night Indian food feast on Saturday night, along with SOMM, a documentary about egotistical Master Sommelier candidates, and for the first time in what seemed like months, I fell asleep before John (who's usually snoring while I make anxious mental lists in the dark).

The next morning was too sunny and warm to waste, so we opened up the windows and started our day early. Though I'm not usually a fan of sweets at breakfast, we whipped up French toast, along with roasted fingerlings to satisfy my craving for savory in the morning. John headed across the Bay for a lesson while I curled up at home with a biography of Zelda Fitzgerald and a cup of tea, then caught up with my Mama. John returned home just as we were saying goodbye, and then the two of us worked on our brewing project and strolled to our local co-op for supplies. We curled up with cookies and tea for a mid-afternoon break as the fog rolled in, followed by his and hers workouts–John's grunting was accompanied by some Ravel art songs while I cursed Mary Helen Bowers and her chipper tone. Then we set our sights on supper; spicy garlic pasta was perfect with the last glass of the white Burgundy I'd opened Friday night, and a few dramatic episodes of The West Wing.

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Hitting the slopes, perhaps, or dreaming of an exotic vacation to a warm locale?

Image by Jen Huang Photography for Rêverie, Spring 2013.


  1. ah! so many sunny days! im dreaming of eating al fresco again :) xo

  2. Oooh SOMM is on our movie list - it sounds fascinating!

  3. I'm so jealous of those gorgeous days- it's just snow, snow & more snow here!

    always, koru kate

  4. Has to be one of my fav images of all time. Your weekends always rock btw. ;-)

  5. Seriously Lena, when are you going to publish these smart and romantic memoirs? I'm ready to buy your book!



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