Monday, December 9, 2013

A few weeks ago, darling Laicie of 1000 Threads shared 5 random facts about herself, and since my long-time readers can probably guess what I was up to this weekend (Indian food Friday, chai lattes and empanadas on Saturday morning, a cozy night in, Sunday brunch with girlfriends...) I thought I'd take her up her invitation to share a bit more about myself! 

I'm crazy about the holidays–we're talking about Mele Kalikimaka playing in July and the first round of gifts arriving shortly after–but my favorite thing about this season is a new tradition. John gets us tickets to San Francisco Ballet's The Nutcracker, and the ballerina in me gets to relive the thrill of rosin and pink satin ribbons!

John and I almost adopted a French bulldog this year, but things fell through; I was crushed.

In high school, I was a member and later musical director of an all-girls a cappella group, The Cat's Meow. Each spring, we'd serenade new members, and I still have the pink cat pajamas bottoms I was wearing for good luck on the night I was sung in as a freshman.

My weekend posts have made me realize how much I love a good routine–and encourage me to break out of it every so often.

I am an excellent animal impersonator.

Now that I've shared 5 random facts about myself, I'm dying to hear some of yours; tell me something, anything I'd be surprised to learn about you!

Image by Gabe Aceves, bouquet by Holly Chapple Flowers.


  1. loved this list. the nutcracker is such a fun way to get excited for the holiday season, i used to go when i was little :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Ah sorry to hear about the little pup! Love your weekend routines too! ;)

  3. I loved learning a bit more about you, Lena! The a cappella group sounds like so much fun, and you're welcome to borrow Toby as much as you'd like until you get your own little fur ball :-)

  4. The French bulldog failed adoption made me sad. Are you going to try to adopt again? But you made me laugh with the animal impersonator comment. What is your best impersonation? :-)

  5. I loved finding out more about you! Miss our texts! XO

  6. Awww french bulldogs are so cute! It's too bad it fell through =-(

  7. Eee I love this! I'm so glad you did it... and I'm so sad you missed out on adopting a little bulldog. :( Maybe it was meant to be and you'll have an even better opportunity later!! Also -- I ALSO was a member of an all-girls a cappella group in high school haha. I swear, lady... we were meant to be best friends. :)

  8. Loved learning more about you but girlllllll.... if you lived in Hawaii I think you'd feel a differently about Mele Kalikimaka.... it's EVERYWHERE. It even infiltrates my dreams.

  9. I love the you guys see The Nutcracker each year! What a fabulous Christmas tradition.

    "The Cats Meow"? I just think that's the coolest name ever!

    I am a great cat impersonator ;-)

    Clare x



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