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Monday, November 4, 2013

This week is all about oxblood and gold–it's such a rich and elegant fall palette, I simply couldn't resist!

John's family arrived on Friday afternoon, and after calling it quits just a bit earlier than usual at work, we all met up for a big family dinner. We managed to finish most of the two dosas, five curry dishes and four plates of naan I ordered, and said goodnight to everyone before nine. John and I curled up with an episode of Fraiser and were sound asleep before the closing credits rolled.

We slept in on Saturday morning–and thank goodness, because there's something endless about the day before an evening performance! We made a big breakfast–scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, salsa, cotija cheese and sliced avocado on yellow corn tortillas–and sipped our his and hers French Press and English breakfast tea with an episode or two of the hysterical Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. I spent the day keeping John's nerves in check, so it was a full schedule of errand-running, snuggling, strolled and even a nip of John's favorite Scotch before we got dressed; John looked dapper in black pants, suspenders and a bow tie (no jacket for this soloist), and I dressed up a peppy ponytail with a demure cat eye and taffeta party skirt covered in bows. John's performance was a triumph, and after he played his final note, I could finally breath a big sigh of relief! After the concert, John's parents and the two of us headed to South for Champagne cocktails and a low-key celebration; around midnight, John finally got his appetite back, so we grabbed Dino Nuggets and had a jubilant supper.

We were up early on Sunday morning, thanks to Daylight Savings Time; while John hunted for a young coconut and an espresso (his favorite antidote to a late night), I gulped cold water and got our little home back in order. John spent the morning practicing while I popped by the grocery store, made a simple breakfast of poached eggs over avocado toast and caught up with my favorite blogs. We headed downtown for the second performance of the concerto, this time significantly more relaxed, and for as marvelously as John played on Saturday night, the matinée performance was even more nuanced and beautiful. John has another important concert this coming week, so we scrapped early supper plans with his family and headed home to get in a few more hours of practice. After the stress of the performances, it was delicious to have a few hours to myself, and I did some yoga and took a long soak in the tub while John poured over scores. Finally we crawled into bed just after nine; it had been a whirlwind weekend after all, and it felt wonderful to reflect on how beautifully it had all gone!

Tell me, what were you up to this weekend? Planning your holiday table, curling up with a cup of cider and a good book, or maybe pulling out your holiday décor? When do you start humming Christmas carols?

Image by Agaton Strom.


  1. Yay for John's terrific performance! Have a wonderful week~

    always, koru kate

  2. I love that you guys love Frasier too. Seriously my idea of a good Friday night is a glass of red wine and episode of Frasier! haha.

  3. Love, good food, culture, and cozies. I love your weekends.

  4. I'm glad John rocked his performances this weekend - hooray!!

  5. I love mondays when we all get to hear about your amazing weekends. So glad to hear John's performance went well!

  6. I am looking forward to this week's post. My favorite of the moment color combo!

  7. Fraiser! I adore that show as well. Lovely post - as usual.

  8. Lovely weekend, Lena. And so sad you did not post a beautiful photo of your ensemble for the concert. Sounds lovely.


  9. What a lovely weekend. Congratulations to John on his performances!!



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